Wood burnerWhen looking for an alternative heating option or the perfect conversation piece to serve in your new home, consider these 3 reasons from our team at Hearthside Fireplace Patio to look into a wood stove.

Be More Self-Sufficient

When you are generating your own heat from trees that you harvested on your property, you can rely significantly less on the gas company or the power company to heat your home through traditional furnaces or boilers. You don’t have to be living off the grid to enjoy increased self-sufficiency. And in the event of a power outage or a gas line break, you are still able to stay warm and have light.


Save More of Your Money

heritageBecause you will not be using your furnace constantly, you can save money on repairs and ongoing maintenance that is usually required during the winter months. A wood stove is also going to last you a lot longer than your furnace will. With routine care and preventive maintenance, you may never have to replace your wood stove while the lifespan of a furnace is at best 30 years if you choose a current model.

Be More Comfortable

Many people who use wood stoves as the primary heat source in their homes report that the heat they feel from their wood stove is more comfortable than heat that comes from a furnace or boiler. The main reason for this has to do with the way that furnaces work versus how a wood stove works. Furnaces rely on forced heat while a wood stove produces radiant heat. With radiant heat, instead of the air being pushed through the home, the wood stove warms the air in the home, making the heat more comfortable. The result is more consistent, comfortable heat instead of pockets of heat in spaces that are better ventilated and freezing cold spots in other areas of the home.