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We carry the largest selection of gas, wood, and pellet fireplaces, inserts, and stoves.

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<center>HOT TUBS</center>

Stop by the showroom to view over 10 Caldera Hot Tubs on display.

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<center>OUTDOOR LIVING</center>

Adding an outdoor living area will not only give you a great place to relax.

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A quick gas fireplace insert tutorial (part 2)

Modern gas fireplace inserts are installed into open masonry fireplaces by qualified gas contractors to stop cold chimney draft, increase home heating efficiency and improve indoor air quality.  Let’s take a quick look at your options and benefits of a gas insert. To start, there are two types of gas inserts: direct vent and B vent. Direct […]

Boost your fireplace’s efficiency with a gas insert (part 1)

Does your home have a masonry built, open-burning wood fireplaces? If so, you may wonder if you can improve the efficiency of your fireplace with a new insert. The answer is yes! An insert is a great upgrade that will transform your wood fireplace into a beautiful heat producer. Here’s how. Masonry built wood fireplaces […]

Why heat with a wood stove this winter?

With winter barreling down our sights here in New England, many of us are looking for practical alternative heating options for their homes. We take a look at three reasons why it pays – comfort-wise and money-wise –  to consider the beauty and efficiency of a wood stove. 1. Self-Sufficiency Relying on a gas or […]

How to cook a turkey on your gas grill

When it comes to cooking a turkey on your gas grill, there are three basic steps you’ll follow: 1.Prep the turkey2. Prep the grill3. Time it right! The following tips from Kevin Kolman, Weber’s Head Grill Master and leading BBQ expert in the country, will practically guarantee your success. So grab a cold one, and […]

<center>WARWICK, RI SHOWROOM</center>

Our showroom in conveniently located on Rt 2 (Bald Hill Rd), in Warwick RI.
phone 844-401-2876
Warwick Hours:
Mon | 10 - 6
Tues | 10 - 6
Wed | 10 - 6
Thur | 10 - 7
Frid | 10 - 5
Sat | 10 - 5
Sun | Closed

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<center>HOLLISTON, MA SHOWROOM</center>

Our showroom in conveniently located on Rt 16 (Washington St), in Holliston, MA.
phone 844-508-2876
Holliston Hours:
Mon | 10 - 5:30
Tue | 10 - 5:30
Wed | 10 - 5:30
Thur | 10 - 5:30
Frid | 10 - 5:30
Sat | 9 - 4:30
Sun | Closed

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<center>WESTPORT, MA SHOWROOM</center>

Our showroom in conveniently located on Rt 6 (State Rd), in Westport, MA
phone 844-774-2876
Westport Hours:
Mon | 10 - 5
Tue | 10 - 5
Wed | 10 - 5
Thur | 10 - 6:
Frid | 10 - 5
Sat | 10 - 5
Sun | Closed

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Our Whitinsville, MA location is for our commercial only customers and is located in a historic mill in downtown Whitinsville, MA
phone (508) 234-2800
Commercial Hours:
Mon - Fri | 8 - 5

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