/>Rhode Island is known for its chilly coastal weather, beautiful views and quaint New England homes. During those winter months and crisp spring mornings, a pellet stove can be an ideal addition to your home. Cleaner than wood-burning stoves and with many options in size and style, these stoves can add an idealistic feeling to your Rhode Island home.

Pellet stoves require some maintenance to keep them running smoothly. When first purchasing one, it is best to buy a small bag of pellets to test out. Once you have found a good brand of pellets, keep them in a dry, warm place. Wet pellets can crumble, clog your auger, and keep your stove from functioning properly.

It is important to regularly clean your pellet stove. Before cleaning it is essential to check your manufacturer’s guide for tips on how to properly care for the heat exchanger. Depending on how much you use the stove, you should empty the ash drawer a couple times a week. You can wipe down the glass portion of the stove to clean off soot, but make sure that the glass has had time to cool down.

Pellet stoves work best with yearly maintenance by a service professional. Some cleaning can be done by you, but having it professionally inspected will make sure that your stove remains safe to use and more efficient in producing heat.