Pellet Inserts & Stoves

When you have a fire in a traditional fireplace, you probably notice a lot of the heat doesn’t make it into the room. That’s because it rises out of the chimney. By adding a hearth pellet stove insert to your current masonry fireplace, you are able to enhance your fireplace’s look and functionality. The higher temperature created from a pellet burner insert heats the home more effectively. Even more, inserts have a fan that circulates air, increasing the amount of heat that stays in the room.

Pellet fire inserts are not only eco-friendly but they also provide an alluring, simplistic charm to any home. When your fire burns hotter, you don’t need to use other heat sources as frequently. This can save you money on your monthly utilities while serving as a more environmentally friendly way to heat your home. The insert improves the fireplace’s efficiency, while keeping all the elements you love about a traditional fireplace, such as a vibrant flame with efficient warmth and coziness.

Hearthside Fireplace & Patio is the best place to buy an insert pellet for a fireplace in Rhode Island. Our attractive designs, ranging from classic and charming to modern and chic, will surely add a unique element to your home. Choose a fireplace insert pellet stove with ornate carvings or a simple matte black design. Your new pellet insert is sure to enhance your décor while providing an eco-friendly heat source.

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