Pellet Stoves

Pellet stoves come in a variety of styles and colors. There are also two alternatives for pellet stove feed technology: underfed augers and drop-in feed augers.

Pellet appliances are more convenient, cleaner, and safer than most wood burning appliances. They produce less air pollution than conventional wood stoves. Also, they usually require refueling only once a day. Since the fuel is compressed and bagged, the operator does not have to lift heavy, dirty logs. Most pellet appliance exteriors (except glass doors) stay relatively cool while operating, reducing the risk of accidental burns. Since pellet stoves burn fuel so completely, very little creosote builds up in the flue. Because of this, pellet appliances pose less of a fire hazard and do not require cleaning as frequently as conventional wood-burning appliances.

However, pellet appliances are also more complex and have expensive components that require maintenance. They also require electricity to run fans, controls, and pellet feeders. The loss of electric power, unless the stove has a back-up power supply, results in no heat.

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