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The wood burning fireplace has long been the fireplace of choice. The smell of burning wood and sound of a good fire are inviting as well as romantic and relaxing. For some people, the act of building a fire is as tranquil as the fire itself. In addition to the ambience, this type of fireplace is wonderful for lowering heating bills, especially if a blower is installed, which helps push the warm air throughout the house.

Along with the benefits of a wood burning fireplace, there are other considerations. For safety reasons, the fireplace will need to be cleaned on a regular basis, which includes the chimney. Additionally, when burning real wood ove gas logs, you will need to provide close monitoring, especially when it comes time to retire for the night.

The type of fireplace you choose depends on the intended use and personal preference. When you get ready to make your decision, think about overall cost, maintenance, appearance, and heat efficiency. If your wood burning fireplace has been built correctly, the heat generated will be a tremendous help with your heating needs. In fact, when using a good blower, you can often heat several rooms. Be sure to use the right wood since some types of wood burn hotter than other woods. Although some woods provide a wonderful smoky fragrance and generate more crackling sounds, if you are looking for heat, use the hardwoods such as fruitwood or oak.

The prefabricated wood burning fireplace has definitely increased in popularity. In addition, they provide an affordable option for heating your home. If you want to blend the prefabricated fireplace in better with the décor a specific room, you can use high-temperature paints to change the look. However, if you prefer the rich look of stone, brick, marble, or granite, stick with the traditional wood burning fireplace.

Even though gas fireplaces outsold wood burning fireplaces in the past couple of years, no one will dispute that a wood burning fireplace offers a unique magic unlike any other type of fireplace.
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