Wood burning stove in bedroom

Wood burning stove in bedroom

Gas stoves are an excellent way to add a design element to your home that is both functional and beautiful. Not only does it provide a great source of heat for your home, but it can add beauty as well as the romantic atmosphere that accompanies the warm glow of a fire. If you’re considering installing a gas stove in your home, here are some thing to think about to help you make the best choice.


One reason many people choose to have a gas stove is because they love the feel of a fire but don’t have the room or money to install a fireplace. Gas stoves provide a similar atmosphere of a fireplace even when a fireplace is not feasible for your home. Additionally, gas stoves are low maintenance because you don’t have to worry about chopping and storing firewood. Best of all, a gas stove is energy efficient and good for the environment.


When you’re choosing a gas stove for your home, you should consider the different venting styles of stoves. Ventless or vent-free stoves don’t require a chimney or flue, so these are excellent for homes with limited space because you won’t have to worry about pipe installation as well. These come equipped with sensors to ensure adequate oxygen remains in the room. A direct vent stove is vented to the outside and doesn’t require a chimney either. This is the most common type of stove. The last type, natural vent stoves, are vented using an existing chimney, such as a furnace or wood-burning chimney.


Styles of gas stoves vary in both material and style. There are numerous traditional styles of stoves made of cast iron that can complement any decor. There are also more modern styles with sleek lines made of steel that appeal to those with a more modern taste. Additionally, there are numerous colors and shapes you can choose from to ensure you get the perfect stove for your home.