Everyone has seen the comfortable Instagram photos and videos of perfectly laid out fireplace accessories framing a cozy evening indoors while the snow comes down outside. These images paint our imaginations with desirable family activities that are a lot easier to attain than we think. Having a quality set of accessories for maintaining and enhancing your fireplace elevates your in-home experience.


While you review our list of different patio and hearth accessories for your fireplace, keep in mind the general size and shape of your setting. Stick to those accessories that amplify your atmosphere and do not get in the way while people are trying to walk around your fireplace.


Fireplace Screens and Spark Guards

Safety is always a primary concern with any fireplace. A well-made spark guard is the perfect fireplace accessory to protect your kiddos and pets whenever they are playing a little too close to the fire. In addition, these essential items keep embers from jumping outside of the fireplace structure and onto nearby carpeting, rugs, paper materials, or skin. The longer you can ensure the safety of your home and guests, the more you will get to enjoy your fireplace for years to come.


Fireplace Tool Sets

A traditional toolset of fireplace accessories includes four essential pieces – a poker (stoker), tongs, broom, and shovel (pan), all of which can be hung or secured on a convenient stand. Most of these tools come in heat resistance metal materials that are easy to keep clean, so the practical and aesthetic value of the tools never goes away.


Another key fireplace tool to get when you are considering different patio and hearth accessories is a log holder. If you are operating a wood fireplace, you need a reliable source of fuel nearby so you can maintain the heat and flame levels. Even if you use a gas or oil fireplace, having a stationary log holder adds to the overall ambiance of your fireplace setting. That is why you see many people with bellows hung on their walls even if they have no practical use with modern fireplace models.


Patio and Hearth Accessories

If you are going to have an outdoor fireplace set, try to pick up a quality fireproof rug. They ensure you get a refined look to your fireplace without risking danger because of fire-resistant materials. They also add a bit of comfort to the whole experience you are going for, especially if you add an andiron to your fireplace. That is the metal structure that holds firewood aloft to improve airflow. Again, even if you use an oil or gas fireplace, you will likely see an andiron inside the structure to give the impression of a traditional wood-powered fireplace.


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