Everything You Need to Know About Hot Tub Power Consumption

Winter is a great time to own a hot tub. A warm, refreshing soak is a perfect way to wake up in the morning or to wind down and relieve stress after a busy, chilly day. Of course, winter is also the time you’re most likely to be heating your home, leading you to wonder how much energy a new hot tub will use. While you will use more energy to heat your hot tub in winter than you will in summer, modern, high-quality hot tubs are extremely energy efficient, consuming only moderate amounts of power.

Hot tub designers have built in many power-saving features to help spa owners enjoy their relaxation time and the benefits of hydrotherapy without worrying about high electricity costs—regardless of the time of year. Dense insulation, energy-efficient heaters and pumps, and covers that serve to trap heat all play roles in reducing hot tub energy needs. To help you plan ahead for hot tub ownership, here’s everything you need to know about hot tub power consumption.

Low hot tub power consumption gives you a lot to smile about!

Hot Tub Power Consumption Factors and Cost

While it’s true that heating hundreds of gallons of water takes a significant amount of energy, it’s not the whole story. Once your spa is heated to the perfect temperature for use, maintaining that temperature requires a low expenditure of energy, especially when you own a high-quality, reliable hot tub.

Your monthly energy costs will depend on the following factors, some of which are well within your control:

  • The size of the spa
  • The cost of electricity in your area
  • The average daily ambient air temperature
  • How often you use your hot tub
  • The quality of your hot tub’s insulation
  • The efficiency of your hot tub’s heater and pumps
  • Proper fit and usage of your spa cover
Quality insulation keeps hot tub power consumption in check, no matter the weather.

Investing in a premium hot tub will ensure that its components, including insulation, pumps, heater, and cover, are energy efficient and will keep costs down. They’ll also help to ensure that you’ll save money or the life of your spa. While you can’t control outdoor temperatures, energy-saving features work effectively to remain efficient regardless of Mother Nature’s behavior.

Many CalderaⓇ hot tub owners report less than a dollar a day increase in their electric bill. These owners use their spas six days a week on average and cover their hot tubs when not in use. To learn more about hot tub power conservation, watch the short video below.

Hot Tub Energy-Saving Features

A combination of efficient hot tub mechanical parts and effective insulation work to keep spa water hot while using as little energy as possible. Each element reinforces the energy-saving benefits of the rest. Here’s how they work together:

  • Heater and pumps. The energy-efficient EnergyProⓇ heater, included in premium Caldera hot tubs and luxury Caldera spas, runs at low wattage continuously, saving power by always keeping your water at the perfect temperature. EnergyProⓇ circulation pumps also contribute to hot tub heating and energy efficiency. As they work to keep water continuously moving through the hot tub filters, these pumps return the heat they generate directly into the spa water. This reduces the amount of work the heater has to do, saving energy and money.
  • Insulation. FiberCorⓇ insulation on Caldera spas helps to retain heat. To feel the effectiveness of this insulation, simply place the palm of your hand on the cabinet. Even when the spa water temperature is over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, the outer cabinet will be as warm or as cold as outside air.
  • Spa cover. A custom-fitted vinyl spa cover will come with a new spa and work to prevent heat loss from the top of the hot tub when it is not in use. A cover that’s made just for your spa model fits tightly, eliminating any gaps between it and the hot tub, preventing heat from escaping. To help assure you always cover your spa to save energy when you’re not using it, invest in a hot tub cover lifter, which makes it easy to remove and replace heavy spa covers.

Many factors influence a hot tub’s power consumption, such as frequency of use and the quality of the spa. Caldera premium and luxury hot tubs have built-in energy-saving features designed to ensure that using your hot tub takes as little energy as possible.

Caldera spas are designed for pure performance to offer the highest level of energy efficiency possible. Cutting-edge insulation, pump, and heater technology ensure that keeping your spa water at the perfect temperature is as easy as soaking in it. To inquire about price, request a quote.