Pellet di legno e fuocoA beautiful fireplace provides both the warmth and the ambiance conducive to a relaxing space. When customers consider adding pellet inserts to decrease cost and increase environmental efficiency, they often express concern about the initial difficulty and price of the procedure. We are pleased to assure you that the truth is far less intimidating than it may appear.

With a potential efficiency range of 83%, a British Thermal Unit (BTU) of 90,000, low installation costs, and tax incentives, pellet inserts quickly offset their initial price. In addition, the pellets are comprised of waste products that would otherwise end up in landfills. Concern about the actual installation, therefore, proves to be one of the main deterrents to utilization. To alleviate this concern, we have listed the simple steps that go into installation of pellet inserts.

Use Those Interior Design Instincts

If you already own a fireplace, the obvious location in which to place the insert is inside that existing space. However, if your current source of ambient heat is an aesthetically questionable ancient space heater, you are free to pick a new spot for your new stove and insert. Enjoy this opportunity to add a different look to your room. Just be certain to read the manufacturer’s instructions regarding proper and safe placement.

Prepare Your Stove’s New Home

If you are not placing the insert into an existing stove, never place it on an unprepared, ordinary floor or carpet. Not only might you soon have an expensive mess of melted synthetic flooring, but you face a far more dangerous risk of a home fire or toxic fume poisoning. Prepare the area with a substance such as refractory cement, then wait until it dries completely before heating. We know you are excited to cook some s’mores over your new unit, but doing it too soon may result in your cement turning into a substance resembling corn flakes.

If you already have a fireplace in your desired location, clean it thoroughly before putting your pellet insert inside. Sweep the chimney, then search for and eliminate any old animal nests contained therein. Next, ask an expert to show you the best and safest way to place the insert.

Give It Some Power

Although some units rely on gas and others require electricity, none of them will work if they are not hooked up to their specified power source. This is possibly the most important time in which to seek extensive expert assistance. Have a knowledgeable professional make sure the power supply will power the stove, rather than the television set or your teenager’s blaring stereo. After checking to see that all is functioning as desired, you can now enjoy the peace of a safely and inexpensively roaring fire.