pellet stove cartoon isolated on white backgroundPellet stoves, small, free-standing appliances that compress fuel to produce fire, are handy and beautifully rustic heating devices that are more efficient than most wood stoves or fireplaces. While they require electricity to operate, they can be hooked up to backup power sources, like specialized batteries.

These stoves channel wood pellets, their special fuel source, from a storage compartment into its burn pot with an electrical, screw-like system. The heat created by the fire in the stove is channeled through tubes into the surrounding room by a convection fan, which propels heat without cooling it or blowing out the fire. The bottom compartment of a pellet stove is called the ash drawer, which is where soot resides after it is produced.

We recommend these convenient and safe devices for efficient heating. Pellet stoves in RI are safe and easy enough for anyone to use. Here are our recommendations for the successful use of these charming and warm appliances:

– First of all, you need the proper fuel. These stoves are not built to tolerate wood logs, but feed off of wood chips, sawdust, paper, and even compost materials. Your owner’s manual should recommend the best fuel type for your device.

– Proper ventilation is key to preventing a disaster. The manufacturer’s instructions or an expert installer can advise you as to how the stove piping seams should be sealed. Usually, cement sealing is recommended.

– Be aware that the building codes in certain municipalities also cover pellet stove construction.

– Be sure to empty the ash drawer when it is full. The leftover ash that remains can disrupt the stove’s function.slider_p963c1

– Do not sit within 5 feet of the stove. It produces powerful heat that can burn you. Remember that certain flammable substances, like alcohol and some clothing, can catch fire if it is too close to a heat source.

– Consult with an expert retailer about your heating needs and the ideal style of your stove, based on the design of your home. Pellet stoves are incredibly versatile, and there is surely an appropriate model for you and your family.

– Always turn the stove on and off with the indicated knob or button. Never unplug it or put the fire out yourself. Again, the manufacturer’s instructions will advise you as to how to turn the stove on and off.