Harman Pellet Insert

Harman Pellet Insert

Pellet stove inserts have been popular in Europe for several decades, but they just started gaining popularity in the United States in the last few years. Now, 1 in every 3 stoves sold are pellet stoves. You may be wondering why people are making the change. Here are 4 benefits that you can enjoy when making the switch:

Save Money

Utility bills are expensive. They fluctuate from month to month, so it can be hard to budget for them throughout the year. You’ll find that the price of the inserts don’t fluctuate very much, and they are much cheaper than other heating options. If you’re looking for a way to lower your energy bills, this would be a great option for you.

Environmentally Friendly

A pellet stove is a greener solution than coal, gas, or oil. It won’t add any greenhouse gases. It’s a renewable resource, made of factory byproducts. This ends up being an environmentally friendly option for you to use.

Easy to Use

To use the inserts, you just need to load them into your fireplace’s hopper. When you use them with your pellet stove, it will automatically put the inserts into the fire when you need them. The process isn’t complicated, and you can read your stove instructions for more information on how to use them if you need it.


Who wants to take the time to chop a bunch of firewood and stack it neatly in a pile? Who has the space for a pile of wood on their property? It can take up a lot of space to prepare the piles of firewood for the winter. Instead, you could stock up on inserts, which will only take a small amount of space.

When you make the decision to switch to pellet stove inserts, you’ll find that you can save money, protect the environment, use them with ease, and store them on your property with ease. Contact Hearthside Fireplace & Patio to learn more about making the switch.