Cozy furnished living room with sofa and fireplace

When you picture how you want to spend a cozy evening with your family, chances are you see a couple of essential living-room additions in this vision. We have seen many homeowners turn their homes’ relaxation spaces into perfect havens with a few essential upgrades. If you need help figuring out what kind of fireplaces, seating, and lighting can give you a tranquil living room, read on.

Cozy furnished living room with sofa and fireplaceCozy Fireplace

The ultimate cozy upgrade is a nice fireplace. You can choose from gas fireplaces if you don’t want to deal with burning wood. The light, warmth, and natural gathering place will make your living room a place for your whole family to get together. When it’s cold outside, nothing is as comfortable as warming oneself in front of a wonderful fireplace.

They come in a variety of designs, so come look at some of our most popular fireplaces in RI to find the best one for your taste and your home’s decor to make your home comfortable and warm.

Perfect Seating Options

The first thing you ought to think about adding to your living room is a comfy couch, club chair, or set of recliners. The type of seating you choose will depend on your preferences and needs. If you want to be able to lay back, a recliner will give you a better experience than a sofa.

For most people, a bigger couch with the right combination of “squish” and support is optimal for a lazy evening reading or watching shows.

Relaxing Lighting and Fixtures

Picking the best lighting for a space creates ambiance. If your bulbs are bright and harsh, your lighting won’t lend itself to being relaxing and laid back. For a cozy atmosphere, look for soft white light bulbs.

You can also plan to minimize the amount of artificial light by placing your fixtures strategically. If you have lots of natural light and a well-placed fixture, your room will be more subdued and tranquil.