Hearthside Fireplace & Patio_November_3 Tips for Maintaining Your Hot Tub_Image 1Whether you’ve just purchased a hot tub or are looking into purchasing one, there are many important maintenance tips to understand. If you want your hot tub to work optimally for years to come, then it’s vital that you take good care of it. A well-cared-for hot tub also ensures safety for everyone. At Hearthside Fireplace & Patio, we know all about caring for hot tubs in RI. Check out these 3 helpful tips:

Maintain Chemical Balance

An optimal balance of the water in the hot tub is essential. There are 3 aspects to check and balance. First, water from different areas has different levels of calcium in it that make it “hard” or “soft.” Whenever you add water to the hot tub, check the calcium level. The ideal calcium level is between 80-200 ppm. Above this level, the water will be cloudy and leave residue. Below this level, the water can corrode the hot tub. You should also test the alkalinity of the water. High and low levels have a similar effect to chlorine. Lastly, check the pH with test strips. The ideal range for both the hot tub and users is 7.4-7.6. If any of these levels are off, you can buy products to restore the proper level.

Keep It Clean

Any hot tub must be sanitized to kill bacteria and prevent algae from growing. You can test bacteria and algae levels with test strips. If levels are off, you can use either chlorine or bromine to adjust the levels. Bromine is a very effective hot tub sanitizer that comes in easy to use tablets. Chlorine is a popular choice coming in granule form, which dissolves quickly. Most users prefer chlorine because it has a better smell.

Shock It

Lastly, we recommend that you oxidize your hot tub every month. You can buy chlorine shocks for hot tubs at pool supply stores. The shock treatment gets rid of odors and also helps remove makeup, perspiration, and body oils in the water left by users. This will keep your hot tub clean and safe.