5 Health Benefits of a Hot Tub for Active People

Few things feel as good as performing at your best. As Weekend Warriors, we strive to run a fast 10k race, shoot a low round in golf, or win our Saturday tennis match. Doing well and earning bragging rights is part of the fun! But leaving it all out on the course can wreak havoc on our bodies and make it tough to return to the game.

If you are looking for a way to recover fast so you can stay competitive, then look to the health benefits of a hot tub.

There are no guarantees you will be an All-Star at every outing. But stacking the deck in your favor could get you inducted into your own personal Hall of Fame. Including hydrotherapy into your routine can transform your athletic performance.

Intrigued? If your muscles and mind could use a boost, then the following benefits should be of interest to you:

image of a man bicycling through a park on a beautiful sunny day

1. Increases circulation. To achieve a higher level of performance on and off the field depends on the health of your muscles. Physical activity is demanding on your body. The more active your muscles are, the higher the need for oxygen. Blood transports oxygen through arteries and veins that feed your muscles. The warm pulsing water in a hot tub creates an increase in the flow of blood, which allows for a more healthy muscle.

2. Helps with recovery. You’ve felt the soreness throughout your body after participating in an event. You took yourself out of your comfort zone, and now you’re feeling it. Hydrotherapy in a hot tub reduces inflammation from your muscles and eases soreness. Regular use of a hot tub can help you manage mild to severe inflammation caused by overuse. That means you’ll experience less pain and enjoy better mobility.

“Regular use of a hot tub can help you manage mild to severe inflammation caused by overuse.”

3. Improves focus and concentration. The relaxation you experience in a hot tub will help lower stress, and ease your reaction to it. This will help you focus on the various tasks you need to do. Your improved ability to concentrate during your sporting event will improve your performance. Sit back and relax because your teammates will thank you. You will be grateful as well.

image of a man looking down the putting green for the best possible shot

4. Allows you to play well under pressure. Are you the one who remains calm, and sinks the putt when it counts? Does your nervousness always work in your favor? If not, spend some time in a hot tub. Research supports the notion that relaxation improves performance in sports. Away from the hot tub you will find it easier to balance your thoughts and feelings in a productive way. A healthy practice of hot tub hydrotherapy may transform you into the “go-to” guy or gal.

“A healthy practice of hot tub hydrotherapy may transform you into the ‘go-to’ guy or gal.”

5. Improves relationships with friends and family. There’s no better place to revisit your successes than right back in your hot tub. Consider it a full-circle moment worth repeating over and over. Sharing the win with friends and family can make the celebration that much better. Spending time to improve relationships is always time well spent.

image of a woman enjoying a relaxing soak in a caldera spa

A routine including hot tub hydrotherapy may transform your athletic performance. When you own a premium hot tub you want to take advantage of all the benefits it has to offer.

If you’re ready to improve your health and athletic performance then step into a new hot tub. If you’re already an owner we would love to hear how you are using your hot tub to your advantage.