With the winter weather blowing in, you need to decide how you’re going to heat your home and keep everyone warm. A fireplace can be a great way to do this, but what should you use to fuel your fire? Harman pellet inserts are fabricated heaters that you can use in your fireplace. Here are 4 benefits that you can enjoy by using pellet inserts.

Energy Efficient

Pellet inserts are created using sawdust and agricultural crop waste, materials that would go straight to the landfill if there was no use for them. You end up with renewable energy that can help save you money on your energy bills.


The pellet inserts are more convenient to use than logs. You just need to pour the fuel into the hopper. You can also easily adjust the fire to alter the temperature to one that will be comfortable to you.

Comfortable Temperatures

Not only can you alter the temperature to your desired level, but you will experience less heat loss as the pellets are being burned. As opposed to 77% efficiency of wood, you can enjoy 78-85% efficiency of the heat burned by the pellet inserts. This means that you lose less heat, so you can achieve your desired temperature in a more efficient manner.

Safer to Use

One of the biggest drawbacks to using your fireplace is that you have to stay on top of maintenance to ensure that your home won’t catch on fire. Homeowners should clean out the flue and chimney on a regular basis. The reason this is necessary is because of creosote. Pellet inserts have a clean burn that produces less creosote, so you have a much smaller chance of a fire starting in your home.

Also, pellet inserts burn at a lower temperature that doesn’t make metal and other parts on the fireplace hot. You won’t be as worried about having your toddler around the fireplace since it’s less likely that your child will end up burning his or her hands.

With the many benefits that you can receive from purchasing Harman pellet inserts in RI, you should consider using them to warm your home. You can contact us at Hearthside Fireplace Patio with your questions about the pellet inserts and how to equip your fireplace for them.