One of the most underused entertainment areas of a home is the backyard. While a great many Americans understand how awesome this spot can be for a party, many more just think of it as a place for kids to play and a reason to buy a lawn mower. The truth, however, is that a backyard can easily be transformed into a romantic retreat for two or a festive event venue for hundreds.

Camping at Home

One of the most romantic features a backyard can have is a fire pit. Whether built-in or portable, fire pits add an elegance that is hard to match. Not only do these features look amazing, but they can be the source of endless fun and great memories. Whether people just want to cuddle up next to them, roast marshmallows, or tell ghost stories, fire pits are sure to bring friends and family together. Since there are so many different types of fire pits on the market, we want to make picking the right one a little bit easier. Here are some guidelines to getting the right pit for the right home!

Pick the Right Fuel

When it comes to buying a fire pit, the first choice will be what kind of fuel it burns. If the true campfire experience is an important component of why someone is looking for a fire pit, we highly recommend a wood-burning pit. While these may not be as clean as gas-burning pits, they offer the same sights, sounds, and aromas as a campfire.

The Importance of Fire Screens

When buying a wood-burning fire pit, make sure it comes with a fire screen. These are incredibly important safety features that make sure a good time by the fire doesn’t become an emergency situation. For anyone who has ever been around a campfire, wood-burning stove, or wood-burning fire place, they have probably noticed that wood “pops” when it burns. This “popping” is due to the moisture and sap pockets that naturally occur in wood. When those pockets heat up, the water and sap evaporate, creating a pocket of steam that the wood can no longer contain. By making sure a wood-burning fire pit has a fire screen, the chance of those “pops” burning someone or starting a house fire decreases significantly.