A home spa is a perfect way to add a sense of luxury and relaxation to any regular day. When we get questions about cleaning and caring for home spas, we remind people that it is better to clean as you go rather than wait until things get dirty or gross. By keeping up with the small details, everything can continue running smoothly. Read on to learn about cleaning your hot tub, general care and upkeep, and setting a maintenance plan for spas in RI.

Regular Cleaning

Every week (or at least every time you use your spa), do a general check of your spa. Look at surfaces and wipe them off when needed, make sure the filtering system is functioning properly, and skim out any debris or leaves that could potentially cause clogs. If you notice any funny noises or smells, investigate immediately. Along those same lines, any leaks, power problems, or temperature extremes should be noted and reported.

Chemicals and Upkeep

On a weekly basis, chlorine or other bacteria-killing chemicals should be used. This helps to sanitize the water and the system, keeping your spa users healthy. You can try different liquids, powders/granules, or easy-to-use tablets. By doing this regularly, it keeps the chemical levels more consistent, which is more effective than levels that fluctuate greatly. A constant level of bacteria-killing chemicals will keep things clean and sanitary.

The Filter

We recommend that you clean out your filter once per month. Remove the filter (following instructions in the manual for your particular spa), spray with a hose to remove or loosen dirt and debris, and then soak in a bucket of water and cleaner. Rinse it after soaking, and check to make sure it is free from dirt, debris, and cleaner. As long as your filter is still in good shape, you can put it back into your spa and be done. Read the instructions and replace your filter as needed.

Deep Cleaning

For deeper cleaning, you will need to drain your hot tub and clean it while it is empty. Drain it according to the instructions in the manual, and spray the whole thing off. Clean the shell with a damp rag/sponge and specific, mild cleaner. Scrub any spots with buildup, and make sure things look good as you go. Rinse it once you are done, and wipe it off with a soft towel to ensure you remove any cleaner or buildup. Spray off the cover with a hose, and wash it free from dirt. You can add a protectant to keep it from damage caused by the sun, water, and weather. Remove and clean spa pillows to reach into the cracks and crevices where debris and bacteria can hide.

Once it is clean, you can fill your spa back up, again following the manufacturer’s instructions. Add the necessary chemicals, treating the water, and give it time to regulate and adjust before getting in. After the time (generally 12-24 hours) has passed, test the chemicals to ensure they are high enough to be effective but not so high as to be dangerous.