How to Clean Your Hot Tub

How to Clean Your Hot Tub


Hot tubFewer things are more relaxing than a warm hot tub on a cool evening. Whether you are looking for some quiet alone time or a fun evening with friends, a hot tub can create an atmosphere unlike anything else. After a long day, the warm water relaxes your mind, soothes your muscles, and helps you unwind. Read on to get answers to some of our most common questions concerning hot tubs in RI and try some of our favorite tips for getting your hot tub squeaky clean.

Do I Really Need a Hot Tub?

We often get logistical questions such as the following concerning hot tub purchases:

  • Do I have enough space?
  • Are they affordable?
  • Which ones should I consider?

The great thing about hot tubs is that they come in a huge variety of sizes, shapes, and prices. Take a look at your home and yard, figure out where you would most like to have your hot tub, come in with a budget in mind, and we can help you find an option that works with your needs.

How Will I Take Care of It?

Once you make the decision to change your life for the better and purchase a hot tub, maintenance is the next thing you will need to consider. We recommend getting into a routine where you hit all the major areas.

First, use a gentle cleanser to scrub all surfaces, including seats, spa pillows and head rests (following your owner’s manual to remove these), and walls. Occasionally, you should drain your hot tub and deep clean these surfaces while replacing the water.

Next, clean your hot tub cover by removing it and spraying it off with a hose. Scrub it with a gentle cleanser and rinse again. Let it air dry before putting it back on your hot tub.

Clean or replace your filters as dictated by the owner’s manual. Spray them off while rotating to clear out any debris.

By keeping up with the cleaning, you will ensure that your hot tub runs smoothly and lasts for many years to come.