As the first to declare independence from British rule, and with the nickname “The Ocean State,” Rhode Island is a good place to enjoy freedom in a land next to and intermingled with a lot of water. But the best place within Rhode Island to enjoy water and be feeling free is in a spa in your own home. Having one of the great Freeflow spas in RI can take your life to a new, soothing level. We at Hearthside Fireplace & Patio would like to offer 4 great reasons why you’ll love having one of these spas.


You can get many of the great features of the most expensive brands at a price you can afford. How is this possible? It’s possible because of a unique method of manufacturing that keeps costs down and features plentiful.

Sensual Pleasures

There are many great features that come along with these spas that will both dazzle and soothe the senses, such as lighting effects and waterfalls.

Efficient and Energy Saving

These spas are extremely efficient. Using a special rotational molding process and various components, Freeflow spas use less energy. In fact, they even conform to some of the country’s strictest energy commission requirements.

Ready to Go

A great thing is that once you get your spa home, you won’t have to wait long to start enjoying it. These spas utilize a Plug-N-Play technology with a GFCI power cord that works in any standard 110-volt outlet. You’ll be able to pick out your favorite model, get it home, and enjoy it right away.

A Freeflow spa in RI is a great choice to make. After all, living in a state that has an average annual temperature of 50 degrees as well as being the second most densely populated state makes having one of these spas a great way to experience soothing warmth and solitude on a cold New England night. We know it will improve your life!